Some introductory chat…

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Thoughts from a squeaky chair.

People who have known me for any length of time find it strange that I can’t fill pages and pages with information about me.  For years I’ve taken grief about the size of my ego, my arrogance and whatnot.  I should be able to write a hundred books about everything I’ve done in the last two weeks, right?

Strangely, I’m not that guy…

The grief I get is because I speak with confidence about things I feel strongly about, most of which I’ve been thinking about for a while before I start running my yapper.  I don’t have immediate recall of everything I’ve read or seen when discussing things so I sometimes have a hard time refuting an argument when it’s placed before me (though on the ride home I can usually bust out, “And another thing!”).

The biggest reason some people consider me arrogant is because I try not to wear my insecurities on my sleeve.  My wife sees them all; they are like Mrs. Bennett’s nerves to Mr Bennett, his “constant companion these many years.”  I know now that when I’m being a mope I should just keep to myself until I can get my act together and act like a man rather than a Rousseauian whiner that society seems to breed and nobody seems to like.

So, if I need to say anything about myself it is this:

My life is wonderful.  I have a beautiful (and tolerant) wife, two beautiful girls, a great family and friends who challenge me, whether they mean to or not, to be a better man and a better servant of Jesus.  Everything I have is by God’s grace.  He’s even graced me with stuff I don’t need!

This summer I’ll be forty-five, and I feel like some things in my life are just getting started.  After years of trying to get an agent for screenplays I’ve written (unsuccessfully) I am now being represented by an amazing agency, Books & Such, and a wonderful agent, Mary Keeley (whose name I still fight an urge to spell wrong.  Sorry Mary) for a book I’ve written for the Christian market.  I’m confident that the book will be published, though there’s still plenty of work for me to do on it, some of which is self promotion.  Oy…

So stick around for the ride.  As I blog I will be doing some book/movie/television/radio reviews and I’m sure I will make more than a few lucid comments.  I’m looking forward to posting my “Trekster Manifesto” and my Sherlock Holmes book reviews (post A.C. Doyle).  And I’m looking forward to you commenting and telling me how arrogant I am.  Believe me, you won’t see me cry.


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